Event Insurance

Any individual or company organizing an event needs an important cover that event insurance can offer. Events can be concerts, exhibitions, fests, charity events, theatres , trade shows, dance parties or corporate celebrations.

Event insurance protects the individual and company from a lot many diverse risks they’re exposed to when producing an event. Without insurance, such a claim could be expensive.

As per your policy , event insurance may include protection for:

  1. Losses incurring where an event is cancelled due to weather or absence of a performer
  2. Loss because of damage to venue and equipment
  3. Liability if a third-party claims for personal injury or property damage

In the end, the policy is designed to provide cover to the events company from their judicial liability for death or bodily injury suffered by third parties or damage to third party property caused by the negligence of their employees whilst carrying out business activities.

Small Events Liability

A one-time, non-renewable public liability coverage called Small Events Liability is intended only for event planners of modest gatherings with fewer than 500 anticipated attendees.

Event’s we cover may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Birthday events (not including parties on the 18th and 21st)
  2. Engagement parties
  3. Weddings / Commitment Ceremonies
  4. Anniversary Functions
  5. Christening Bar mitzvah
  6. Art Exhibitions
  7. Under 18’s Discos
  8. AGM’s / Meetings / Presentations
  9. Corporate Functions
  10. Cultural Events

Events Liability

General liability cover for events such as festivals, music events, fairs, theatre productions, exhibitions, conferences etc

Events Cancellation

If your client’s event is unavoidably cancelled, rescheduled, abandoned, restricted, or moved, the policy coverage will take care of it.
It is the only locally maintained and underwritten product of its kind.
Features include:

  1. Optional coverage for outdoor events in the event of adverse weather conditions
  2. Additional Benefit for Costs incurred from any reasonable actions undertaken to minimise loss or avoid the postponement, abandonment, cancellation, restriction or relocation of an event.

Target Industries:

PR agencies, event coordinators, or any other person or organization in charge of planning an event.

Liability Fire Protection

For what types of clients is this policy appropriate?

  1. Supplying, maintaining, and installing portable items such as hose reels, fire extinguishers, and hydrants.
  2. Supply, servicing & installation of fire alarm panels, fire doors, pumps, emergency and exit lighting, electrical work, all passive equipment & sprinkler alarm testing.
  3. Product sales to the sector, including both retail and wholesale
  4. Design work (incidental only)
  5. Training work
  6. Surveying & investigative work including bushfire assessments.

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