Multimedia Liability Insurance

Content-related media exposures, including defamation, humiliation, copyright infringement, and even breach of privacy, are covered by Multimedia Liability Insurance. It can be tailored with additional covers.
Organizations are shielded from civil liability claims resulting from the supply of multimedia services by the Multimedia Liability Policy. These types of civil liability claims can cover, among other things, defamation, copyright violations, false authorship attribution (as well as other intellectual property violations), invasions of privacy, and breaches of duty, even when they are carried out by unaffiliated third parties like forum or platform users.

Any of the following categories of multimedia services can result in litigation against media, marketing, and advertising industry organizations:
• Content can be published, broadcasted, communicated, distributed, and/or disseminated.
• Research, investigate, acquire, prepare, compile, produce, and/or edit content.
• Content licensed, syndicated, serialized, distributed, sold, or leased by or with a multimedia organization’s written consent.

These are specific plans that are particular to each insurer and must be customized for every customer. It is crucial to have a comprehensive awareness of your risk and mitigation plans because handling claims in this area may be time-consuming and rarely ends without major publicity.

What you need to know

• Media liability insurance protects those who distribute information against claims for physical injuries or financial loss caused by erroneous or negligent publication of material.
• It is also referred to as communications liability insurance or multi-media liability insurance.
• Media liability insurance offers protection against risks like defamation, privacy invasion, factual errors, and infringements of copyright or trademarks.

Who needs media liability insurance?
Media liability insurance is necessary for anyone who disseminates information to the general public through websites, blogs, emails, and desktop publishing. Professionals who benefit from a media liability insurance policy include:
• Brand managers
• Celebrities who make personal appearances
• Graphic designers
• Freelance journalists
• Marketing and promotional companies
• Online and interactive marketing companies
• Public relations firms
• Public speakers
• Website developers
• Electronic publishers
• Cable and satellite broadcasters
• Web hosts
• Software developers.

What does media liability insurance cover?
• Defamation. Resulting from the dissemination of misleading information that harms the reputation or operations of a third party.
• Personal disparagement. A publication or broadcast which causes damage to a third party’s community or business activities.
• Product defamation. Diminishing a product’s worth or performance.
• violation or invasion of a person’s right to publicity or privacy. This could involve invasions of privacy, the unauthorized or improper use of someone else’s name or likeness for commercial gain, or the public revelation of personal information.
Not Covered
• Normal business activities pertaining to employment.
• Breach of contract
• Patent infringements.
• Claims made by certain regulatory authorities.

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