Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance can protect you against the cost of damages to your home and possessions after an insurable event.

Your home is not just a physical asset but something much more to you. Fires, earthquakes, lightning, malicious damage, weather conditions- we do not want our house to be the receiving end of these events. But if that happens, Home and Contents Insurance can help you cover the repair costs or rebuild your property. It can also cover the cost of replacing some of the possessions.

We aim to provide quality insurance that can give you extra security and peace of mind.

What is Home and Contents Insurance?
Gravitas Home and Contents Insurance is a policy that covers both your property and the belongings that make it a home by combining the advantages of Home Building Insurance and Contents Insurance. Select from three distinct coverage tiers, each protecting your house and belongings against theft, storm damage, fire damage, and other hazards.

What’s covered.
• Protection from floods, storms, storm surges, fire (including bushfires), and break-ins
• Cover for contents in commercial storage or in transit
• Flexible limits for high value items.

What’s not covered.
• Any new building during construction
• Cash, phone cards, smart cards, tradeable documents, money orders, tickets, vouchers, and stamps (not in a set or collection) are examples of acceptable payment methods.
• Anything electronic or electrical that can’t be used for what it was made for.
• Temporary or movable structures, such as campers, houseboats, boats, or any kind of motorized vehicle or craft.
When something goes wrong, your house and possessions are covered by your home and contents insurance.
Consider your needs and what is (and isn’t) covered by various policies before purchasing insurance.
Obtain the appropriate coverage to prevent underinsurance.
• Determine the value of your possessions and the cost of restoring your home with accuracy.
• Recognize the distinction between sum-insured and total replacement coverage when purchasing house insurance.
• Make sure your contents insurance covers the replacement value of your belongings (‘new for old’).
• Examine the exclusions to see what isn’t included.
• Check the maximum claim limits.
• Verify whether your moveable structure is covered while you’re away from home by your contents insurance.
• Verify your coverage for storms, floods, and fires if you reside in a disaster-prone location.

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