Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance

Landlord Insurance is a type of home insurance policy that covers homeowners from financial losses that might incur with rental properties.

Landlord insurance is designed to cover the cost of replacement or repairs when certain events occur, like fire and allied perils, theft, and malicious damage that harms your residential investment property.

The content you provide for your tenants’ can also be covered.

It covers Accidental damage and Defined events for your property.

What our Landlord Insurance covers

  • Buildings (Investment property)
    Third-party Legal Liability
  • What’s included.
    For your rental property
    • Tenant stops paying rent.
    We compensate the lost rent in the event that your tenant quits without providing you notice or stops paying rent.
    • Lost rent during repairs
    We will compensate for lost rent if a covered incident renders your building unlivable.
    • Theft & vandalism
    We cover stolen items and damage from theft and vandalism3.
    • Fire
    We provide coverage for fire-related losses and damage, including bushfires.
    • Flood, rainwater run-off & storm surge cover.
    We insure against loss or damage caused by storm surge, rainwater runoff, and flooding.
    • Furniture & furnishings
    We insure against theft or damage to carpets, furniture, and other furnishings on your premises.
    • Water & oil leaks
    We cover damage to your property and items caused by water and oil leaks, like from a burst pipe or broken heater.
    • Broken glass
    • We cover various pieces of furniture or equipment that may have accidentally shattered ceramics or glass.
    • Impact damage
    Damage that occurs from objects like cars and trees is covered by our insurance.
    • Lightning
    We cover damage and power surges caused by lightning.
    • Demolishing & removing debris.
    If your building’s covered and it’s damaged after a covered event, we pay to demolish and remove debris.
    • Motor burnout
    We cover labour and parts for electric motor fusion.
    • Renovation building materials.
    We cover damage from covered events to the renovation materials at your rental property if your property is covered.
    • Liability for injury or damage
    In some circumstances, we will cover your legal liability if someone gets injured or their property is damaged.

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