Marine Insurance

This policy covers the Goods in Transit following accident as well as due to Rain, water or Hail ,which is professionally carried by the Carriers/Freight forwarding company.

Marine Insurance also known as transit insurance is insurance that covers the moving of commercial or personal goods both within Australia and Overseas by various modes of transport (e.g., Land, Water, Train). The Transit Insurance protects from damage and/or loss of property whilst in transit.

The two types of transit insurance are ocean marine (water-based ) and inland marine (land-based).

Marine Liability Insurance provides cover for:
• Loss of or damage to any other vessel or property
• Death, personal injury or illness
• Removal of wreck
• Loss of or damage to any vessel or craft in your care, custody or control
• Tenant’s liability
• Premises risks
• Car park liability
• Pollution
• Damage to cargo and lost cargo

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